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TradeWorld at LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart – Post-Event Press Release
TradeWorld Continues to Grow


Nearly 30% more exhibitors offer e-commerce solutions. The TradeWorld platform offers logistics professionals at LogiMAT new ideas for positioning themselves in the digital marketplace.


The TradeWorld professional platform continues to attract more exhibitors and industry professionals. The 2017 edition, held for the fourth time in conjunction with LogiMAT, was an overall success. A total of 173 exhibitors (29.1% more than last year) presented products and services for integrated e-commerce workflows in the exhibit area surrounding the TradeWorld forum and at several booths in the exhibit halls. This means that 12.5% of exhibitors in the convention center (up from 10.5% last year) enhanced their offerings to include innovative concepts and concrete solutions for the entire commercial process chain. Visitors saw ideas focusing on the design, control, and integrated digitization of procurement, online stores, software, payment systems, intralogistics, fulfillment, parcel services, and returns. “The role of process optimization, especially in logistics, has steadily grown for both e-commerce and the evolving world of brick-and-mortar business,” explains Dr. Petra Seebauer, Director of TradeWorld 2017 and Managing Director of EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH. “Trade and intralogistics tap into common synergies. So it was only natural to integrate TradeWorld into LogiMAT and expand the professional platform to include trade processes.”

The TradeWorld exhibitors offer solutions that help the logistics professionals at LogiMAT gain new perspectives on their evolving presence in e-commerce marketplaces – and the exhibitors learn from the industry professionals as well. Both sides gain access to attractive new sources of potential customers. TradeWorld exhibitors also contributed to the sharp increase in attendance that LogiMAT recorded in its 15th year. A total of 50,187 industry professionals came to Stuttgart for the three-day event – a jump of 6,701 (15.4%) over the previous year.

Some 47.8% of LogiMAT attendees reported visiting or planning to visit TradeWorld as well, and a full 51.9% of TradeWorld attendees came to Stuttgart with specific investment projects in mind. One out of three professionals in attendance (31.0%) awards contracts at or after TradeWorld. Many of the visitors took advantage of TradeWorld’s impressive program of accompanying events. Six forums with standing room only examined current issues and trends in e-commerce and presented solutions for the interlocking processes in trade and logistics.

One thing the forums made clear was that digitization and digital technologies are now transforming the expectations of B2B customers and purchasers as profoundly as they’re affecting the processes and business models themselves. Omnichannel – speaking to customers across all sales and communication channels – is the new commercial standard, and it can’t succeed without the integration of online and offline channels, supply chain management, and logistics. Success depends on process excellence – and that means availability, speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency. Technology that enables the smooth interaction of online stores, ERP systems, and warehouse management systems – along with the integration of external fulfillment and parcel service providers for optimized processes – is becoming more and more vital to companies that hope to compete.

Dr. Seebauer sums it up this way: “With TradeWorld, we have established a distinct professional platform within the LogiMAT trade show that successfully addresses all trade issues and the trends in the commercial workflows closely associated with the logistics processes. E-commerce is turning manufacturers and consumers into retailers as well. These new target groups will grow LogiMAT’s audience even further.”


For more information, please visit: www.tradeworld.de or www.logimat-messe.de

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Exhibitor Testimonials

Importance of TradeWorld

“TradeWorld benefits from its integration with LogiMAT. The package that event organizers offer TradeWorld exhibitors represents a good value for money.”
Raimund Bergler, CEO, bergler industrieservices GmbH, Gelnhausen

“The issue of trade and e-commerce has long been a key driver in the intralogistics industry. It made sense to expand LogiMAT to include the TradeWorld platform. This brings more potential customers to the booths of the LogiMAT exhibitors.”
Erich Brück, Planning Director of IT System Design, psb intralogistics, Pirmasens

“Digitization is not just about IT. E-commerce issues today are cropping up everywhere, including in logistics. Because logistics fulfillment is a key component of the digital transformation. TradeWorld offers B2B digitization of the sales and distribution process – and that aligns 100% with what we are offering. We’ll be back next year.”
Peter Dietrich, Head of Full-Service E-Commerce, Intershop Communications, Jena

“TradeWorld is a hot spot for our partners and system providers and very well integrated. That brings a lot of traffic to the exhibitor booths. The platform is a must-attend event for us, because it brings together a dense audience of decision-makers, project managers, and service partners.”
Danilo Georg, Director of Sales, BLG Handelslogistik, Bremen

“We’re at TradeWorld for the second time now, and as a B2C provider, we’re something of an anomaly among the exhibitors. We’re here for the express purpose of seeking partners for our transport routes. But at the same time, we’re discovering interesting ideas for using our x-ray shoe size scanner in logistics applications as well.”
Thomas Harmes, CEO, Mifitto, Duisburg

“More than half the visitors to our booth asked specifically whether we could offer logistics and supply chain concepts for retail, especially e-commerce.”
René Koch, Managing Director, Integral Logistics, Dortmund

“E-commerce is about price and speed. Only few companies can manage the underlying processes. That’s why the market needs a trade show devoted to e-commerce and logistics. So the combination of TradeWorld and LogiMAT is an idea whose time has come.”
Mathias Thomas, Owner and Founder, Gaxsys, Stutensee

“The TradeWorld exhibitors offer solutions that help the logistics professionals at LogiMAT gain new perspectives on their evolving presence in e-commerce marketplaces – and the exhibitors learn from the industry professionals as well. This taps into attractive new sources of potential customers.”
Michael Strohäcker, Product Manager, Pakadoo/LGI Logistics Group International, Herrenberg