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Some voices of TradeWorld exhibitors

Bergler Raimund

Raimund Bergler, CEO, bergler industrieservices, Gelnhausen

“TradeWorld benefits from its integration with LogiMAT. The package that event organizers offer TradeWorld exhibitors represents a good value for money.”

Dietrich Peter

Peter Dietrich, Head of Full Service, Intershop Communications, Jena

“Digitization is not just about IT. E-commerce issues today are cropping up everywhere, including in logistics. Because logistics fulfillment is a key component of the digital transformation. TradeWorld offers B2B digitization of distribution processes. We’ll be back next year.”

Engelhard Alfred

Alfred Engelhard, Director of Marketing & Business Management, HypoVereinsbank, UniCredit Bank AG, Global Transaction Banking Germany, Munich

“We were very pleased with how the trade show went and with the number of visitors to our booth. The industry professionals were interested primarily in funding and hedging opportunities along the entire logistics finance chain, but also in payment solutions. There was particular interest in the new direct payment solutions for online shops developed by the banks.”

Georg Danilo

Danilo Georg, Director of Sales, BLG Handelslogistik, Bremen

“TradeWorld is a hot spot for our partners and system providers and very well integrated. That brings a lot of traffic to the exhibitor booths. The platform is a must-attend event for us, because it brings together a dense audience of decision-makers, project directors, and service partners.”

Gerhards Volker

Volker Gerhards, Head of Sales & Marketing, mifitto GmbH

“TradeWorld was a great success for us. We were able to network with our fellow exhibitors and other players in the e-commerce marketplace and interact with a group of very technologically sophisticated visitors looking for brick-and-mortar and webshop solutions.”

Hoffmann Jochen

Jochen Hoffmann, Director of Sales, KS-Europe

“Our presence at TradeWorld yielded good contacts to both established multinationals and start-ups in the world of e-commerce. That offers a good potential for new business.”

Koch René

René Koch, Managing Director, integral logistics, Dortmund

“More than half the visitors to our booth asked specifically whether we could offer logistics and supply chain concepts for retail, especially e-commerce.”

Lafferenz Alexandra

Alexandra Lafferenz, Head of Marketing, Metroplan, Hamburg

“We’re finding that even more industry professionals visited our booth this year – especially from the trade and e-commerce sectors. More and more of this, of course, involves the issues of digitization and Industry 4.0.”

Strohäcker Michael

Michael Strohäcker, Product Manager, Pakadoo/LGI Logistics Group International, Herrenberg

“The TradeWorld exhibitors offer solutions that help the logistics professionals at LogiMAT gain new perspectives on their evolving presence in e-commerce marketplaces – and the exhibitors learn from the industry professionals as well. This taps into attractive new sources of potential customers.”

Thomas Mathias

Mathias Thomas, Owner and Founder, gaxsys, Stutensee

“E-commerce is about price and speed. Only few companies can manage the underlying processes. That’s why the market needs a trade show devoted to e-commerce and logistics. So the combination of TradeWorld and LogiMAT is an idea whose time has come.”