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Some voices of TradeWorld exhibitors

Bergler Raimund

Raimund Bergler, Managing Director, bergler industrieservices GmbH, Gelnhausen

“From an exhibitor’s point of view TradeWorld has progressed very well. We have been exhibiting here since the beginning. It´s simply the best trade fair: This is where industry customers, manufacturers and wholesalers come together. This year we had as many top-class contacts on day one as we had on all three days of the fair in previous years.”

Claessens Vanessa

Vanessa Claessens, Business Development Manager, BLG Handelslogistik GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen

“TradeWorld is very well integrated into LogiMAT and it particularly attracts customers from the B2B area who need support in the digitalisation of their sales processes and who are looking for suitable supply chain concepts for the retail area. The trade forum with lectures on topical issues was very popular the whole time and it generated a lot of traffic at the exhibitors’ stands. The synergies between intralogistics and trade become visible in a unique way.”

Hättich Lothar

Lothar Hättich, Managing Director, Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Hamburg

“TradeWorld is interesting for a proportion of our customers. That will also be true for other exhibitors. So its integration into LogiMAT attracts more visitors and potential customers.”

Neumeier Kuno

Kuno Neumeier, CEO of the Logivest group, München

E-commerce is developing rapidly and companies with an affinity for trading are challenged to make their processes more flexible. Whether a company is successful in the market and whether its logistics processes are economical is determined by factors such as cost structure and delivery speed. Logistics real estate plays a strategically important role in this, since business cannot be conducted optimally from every location. The need for high-level logistics and location expertise is correspondingly large. As a competence platform, TradeWorld demonstrates the synergies of digitized trade and logistics processes and provides room for the professional exchange of companies from trade, production and logistics. At the LogiMAT Forum Innovation our experts will explain which synergies digital settlement management create for the trade. We are looking forward to many interesting discussions!


Schweizer Dr. Matthias

Dr. Matthias Schweizer, Director Marketing, viastore-Gruppe, Stuttgart

“TradeWorld addresses additional groups of visitors. That benefits the exhibitors overall.”

Thomas Mathias

Mathias Thomas, Managing Partner, DR. THOMAS + PARTNER GmbH & Co. KG, Stutensee

“E-commerce is about price and speed. Few operators have really mastered the process management behind it. That´s why the market needs an e-commerce/logistics trade fair. And given this, TradeWorld and LogiMAT are a great combination.”